Ostara Bath Ritual from Aroma Sutras as seen in Goddess Provisions Gifts...

Ostara Bath Ritual from Aroma Sutras as seen in Goddess Provisions Gifts...

When we embrace the energy of Ostara, we invite opportunities for rebirth and refresh. Indulging in a cleansing ritual bath is the perfect way to wash away any lingering energies from the previous season.

Here's what you'll need:
🕯 White candle
🛀 Bathtub (or bowl)
🌿 Herbs associated with the season (our @aromasutras Goddess Ostara Bath Tea blend includes hyssop, calendula, marjoram, thyme, lily, and more)
💰 Reusable tea bag or an organza bag

1. Begin by cleansing your space and yourself. You can do this with sound, smoke, or any other preferred way.
2. As you draw the bath, sit somewhere nearby. Listen to the water run, and allow yourself to sink into the present moment. Identify any anxieties, stressors, or intrusive thoughts or feelings that arise and visualize them flowing away down a stream.
3. When the tub is full, add your herbs to the tea bag and add them to the tub.
4. While you soak in the tub, wash your body with the water and allow yourself to feel refreshed and clean.
5. When you're finished, remain in the tub while it drains. As you feel the water level lower itself, visualize those feelings or thoughts that are holding you back from emerging refreshed melting down the drain.

(No tub? No problem! Brew the tea in a large bowl and allow it to cool to a comfortable temperature. While it cools, follow the meditation above. Wash your hands in the bowl when you feel ready to release. Seal in those good vibes with your favorite hand moisturizer afterward!)

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